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Vedic Stotras

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Evolution of Vedic Stotras

The history of Vedic Stotras

When we started it was with simple intentions. "Create an application where you can read the Ram Raksha Stotra". With overwhelming support this single application became a Collection of Stotras. 

Every month we submitted updates with more new and exciting stotras. Today we stand wiith over 200 hundred stotras which you can access anywhere and at any time.

Vedic Stotras

Along side the culture of bharat, we submit new and exciting updates for most occasions.

Vedic Stotras

Launched in November 2013, the two year anniversary of Collection of Stotras and Bharatformobile. Vedic Stotras became the Go-To Application for hundreds of stotras!

Collection of Stotras

Launched in March of 2012. Collection of stotras became the first application to support various stotras at your fingertips.


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