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Purana - The Series


By Darpan Patel posted February 11th, 2015

2015 was an exciting year for us. In the single  year we launched several new, ground-breaking applications for bharat. 

At the beginning of the year we launched a re-worked Vedic Stotras for iOS all while we constantly updated our android application for its appropriate time. Over time year we launched Purana, The Full Works of Vivekananda, iti Shrimad Bhagavad Gita for iOS &  Android, Mahabharata for Android  and the Epistles of Vivekananda on the Google Play Store.

This year we are proud to announce Purana - The Series. Previously announced on our  facebook page, we're proud to say that we're official gearing up to launch all the purana as individual applications on the Google Play Store. We realized a few things, The first our legacy application, Purana is big which may hinder one from downloading the application. The second we wanted to give you to have the option of reading whichever Purana you want. You download and read whichever book you want and finally, we plann to add the original language of sanskrit to the individual applications.

In all we want to make the reading experience for you as a reader better. We hope you enjoy reading these applications just as much as we do! If you have feedback. We look to hear from you!


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